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Eliminating Your Fears when Buying a Home

Eliminating Your Fears when Buying a Home Whether you are buying your first or third place to call home, there is always a fear deep within that something is going to go completely wrong and that you’ll be the next poster child or the dubious Murphy’s Law award. This fear is common, folks. However, there [...]


3 Things to You Should Know About Buying a For Sale by Owner Home

Looking for a new place to call home takes a little longer than most people think it does. If you happen to be like the majority of prospective buyers, you’ve likely sought help of a qualified, on-the-ball real estate agent, poured over an abundant amount of MLS listings, checked out numerous houses, and still haven’t [...]


7 Must-Do’s before Moving into Your New Home

Congratulations, home owner! The key is now in your palm and the home legally and officially belongs to you. Now what to do, haul everything you own in, stow it all away, and toss a huge block party? Well, you might want to hold your horses, partner. Yes, it’s an exciting time when you are [...]